Towards the enchantment

The Artist’s Perspective

Engineer, mathematician, inventor: Simone Ferrero was born in Italy on April 15th, the same day as Leonardo da Vinci.

Immersed in Italian artistic beauty, he embarked on a journey that led him to explore the harmony of mathematics, the depth of music, the richness of design, the balance of complex systems.

Constantly searching for new forms of beauty, Simone asked himself: “What can I achieve if I add simple elements together?“

The Incanto project is the answer, where Simone reinterprets the timeless art of mosaics from a new perspective.

Just as the elements of the periodic table represent the building blocks of nature, in mosaics I see a form of art in the magical union of precious tiles, reconfigured together, that delivers incredible depth and freedom of expression.

Simone Ferrero


Incanto (Enchantment) is the magic that arises from the beauty of the tiles when they meet and merge with each other: an evolution that grows through to the birth of the completed work of art.

Inside the tiny square of each glass tile, great beauty can be unlocked: the perfection of the shapes and their proportions allow Simone to create art of unexpected value.



From the reinterpretation of classic works by the great masters of the past to paying homage to Italian design, both products of inspiration and unconventional techniques: the Incanto collection traces a variety of paths showing different facets of beauty.


The masters

New inspirations

Discovering maps

A matter of design

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