Incanto (Enchantment) is the magic that arises from the beauty of the tiles when they meet and merge with each other: an evolution that grows through to the birth of the completed work of art.

Inside the tiny square of each glass tile, great beauty can be unlocked: the perfection of the shapes and their proportions allow Simone to create art of unexpected value.

A new


Incanto represents a new elemental gateway, with which Simone reasserts the true meaning of harmony in complexity.

The subject is projected into a universe composed of numbers and geometrics, shaped by constraints and connections, returning to the real world through the precise and exclusive handicraft technique developed by the artist.

The physicality of the tiles, the regularity of the shapes and the select materials allow Simone to bring emotional labyrinths and stimulating connections to life.


In Incanto the works of art are dynamic: reflections of light shift, as the observor’s point of view changes or as the day passes, provoking ever-changing perceptions.

Observed from afar the artworks recall subjects with extremely bright and vivid colors, thanks to the vibrant colors of the glass: conversely, once you get close, the precious microcosm of each individual tile is revealed.



From the reinterpretation of classic works by the great masters of the past to paying homage to Italian design, both products of inspiration and unconventional techniques: the Incanto collection traces a variety of paths showing different facets of beauty.